Hear from Team Members

What are the benefits?


Of team members say that motivation & morale would improve drastically if leaders would say “thank you” more

Why Recognition Matters - 40 percent dial


Of team members say they would put more effort into work if they were recognized more often

Why Recognition Matters - 31 percent dial


Fewer team members resign from companies who built a “recognition rich culture”

How does recognition make a difference?

Acknowledging and genuinely appreciating State Team Members for a job well done is proven to be one of the top motivators for morale and motivation. As such, formal and informal rewards and recognition are important tools when it comes to increasing job satisfaction, engagement, and retention of our valuable state team members. Developing a culture of meaningful recognition allows us to:

  • Make our team members feel seen, heard and valued
  • Increase morale and instill a rich culture of acceptance, satisfaction, and engagement
  • Become a competitive and desirable employer
  • Reduce turnover and onboarding costs
  • Provide uninterrupted service to our fellow Missourians