The Award of Distinction recognizes outstanding team members who go above and beyond their normal job responsibilities and whose actions serve as a model of excellence for others to follow. There are 6 categories for the Award of Distinction:

  • Heroism: Awarded for demonstrating exceptional judgment or courage in a potentially serious situation outside the scope of the workplace, or a situation far above and beyond the duties and responsibilities of the team member’s position, and which reflects credit upon the State of Missouri, whether or not the act was performed during working hours (as demonstrated by voluntarily risking one’s own life, or exhibiting meritorious action to prevent injury, loss of life, or prevent damage to, or loss of property).
  • Human Relations: Awarded for outstanding contributions toward enhancing the quality and morale of the workplace, or creating a better public image of state government (as demonstrated by positive personal interaction with other team members; championing public awareness of the agency’s mission; working to improve relations internally within an agency; or collaboration between different agencies).
  • Innovation: Awarded to a team member for their contributions toward a more efficient or productive work process or procedure, including providing a service, improving service quality, or developing money-saving ideas.
  • Leadership: Awarded to a team member who exemplifies and promotes outstanding leadership qualities and behaviors. The team member “sets the standard” for others to follow, and consistently performs at a superior level in achieving significant and tangible benefits for his/her department/agency (as demonstrated by guiding, directing, or influencing fellow team members positively and productively).
  • Public Service: Awarded for outstanding dedication to the advancement of state service which enhances the quality of life to citizens that is far and above the team member’s normal job requirements, or who, through volunteering service and/or time, improved the quality of life for members of the community (as demonstrated by participation in, or implementation of community and public service projects, and/or volunteering with various non-profit organizations at the local, state, national, or international level).
  • Safety: Presented to a team member or team of individuals who create and/or champion approaches to protect and/or ensure the health and safety of state workers or customers (examples include, but are not limited to: implementation of a safety program for the workplace, an active role in being a strong advocate of safety and health, demonstrated significant improvement over previous conditions, consistently maintained a good safety program, or made an extra effort to improve or correct a specific aspect of safety within the workplace).

How to nominate: Complete and submit a State of Missouri Award of Distinction Nomination Form to the agency coordinator by the date designated by the Office of Administration.

Who can nominate: Any state team member may nominate another team member who is employed and in good standing.

Reward: Award of Distinction honorees are recognized at a reception sponsored by the Governor of the State of Missouri.

Missouri State Team Member of the Month

This program recognizes the individual contributions of a State of Missouri team member who has provided outstanding service to the citizens of Missouri. To be eligible, team members must have been named Team Member of the Month/Employee of the Month by their respective department or agency, and they must also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Exhibited commitment to service and to serving the citizens of Missouri over and above normal duties and responsibilities
  • Sustained a high level of productivity and consistent quality of work to foster this same level of performance in others
  • Demonstrated a high degree of initiative in the performance of his or her job responsibilities
  • Displayed exceptional dependability in the completion of job assignments
  • Continually exhibits effective working relationships with others in all aspects of the job

How to nominate: The Department/Agency Team Member of the Month Coordinator will submit a Nomination Form to the State Team Member of the Month Coordinator. Nominations will be reviewed and voted upon by the selection committee using the evaluation criteria.

Who can nominate: All departments and offices of elected officials can nominate their Department Team Member of the Month for the State Team Member of the Month. Department directors, deputy directors, and division directors (acting and official) are not eligible for this award.

Reward: Each team member selected for State Team Member of the Month will be honored with a letter from the Governor, as well as an award presented by their respective agency. In addition, they will be invited to an annual reception for further recognition during State Team Member Recognition Month in June.

Governor’s Award for Quality and Productivity

The Governor’s Award for Quality and Productivity is a team award meant to recognize service excellence, efficiency, innovations, process improvement, and employee ingenuity within Missouri State Government. All winning projects must meet the established requirements of effectiveness, responsiveness, and efficiency of such quality that make the project a model of excellence for others to follow.

For more information about this award and the nomination process, please review the Frequently Asked Questions .

How to nominate: Any State of Missouri team members who worked together in a group of 2-20 to implement a project that meets the qualifications of this award may submit a nomination form and a one-page executive summary (500 words or less) that describes the initial challenge, problem-solving measure, documentation, results, etc. attached to the front of the nomination form. Please review the nomination checklist to make sure nominations are completed correctly. Nominations should be submitted to the department coordinator for review and final disposition.

A selection committee of state executives will ultimately select the winning team(s) for each award category.

Who can nominate: Any Missouri state team member, manager, supervisor, or legislator may nominate a team for this award.

Reward: Selected team members will be recognized for their contributions during a formal award ceremony.