Team Member of the Month

The DPS Team Member of the Month recognizes the accomplishments of a DPS team member and their commitment to serving Missouri citizens above and beyond their normal duties. There are two categories for this award:

  • Sworn
  • Non-sworn

How to nominate: Complete and submit a nomination form to the applicable division director.

Who can nominate: Any DPS team member can nominate another DPS team member.

Reward: Team members who are selected as Team Member of the Month will receive 8 hours of administrative leave with pay.

Cheers from Peers

An opportunity for DPS team members to recognize or thank other DPS team member’s for extra effort or a job well done.

How to nominate: Submit a short write-up to your DPS Program Manager highlighting a recent success or job well done by one of your DPS teammates. Program Managers will then forward the submissions for consideration. Nominations should be submitted one week before the last working day each month. Winning submissions will be announced the first working day of each month. If a team member is not selected, their nomination will be considered the following month. Team members can only be selected once per calendar year.

Who can nominate: Any DPS team member can recognize a fellow DPS team member.

Reward: Recipients will get one hour of administrative leave to be used by the end of the month they receive the award, as well as use of the DPS Employee of the Month parking spot that month. MIC team members will receive lunch in place of the parking spot.