Team Member of the Month

Team Member of the Month Eligibility Requirements:

  • Previous 12 month recipient is ineligible.
  • No pending disciplinary action, nor have had one in the last 12 months.
  • Be employed at DESE for at least one year.

Team Member of the Month Criteria for Nomination:

  • Efforts contribute to achieving the mission of the Department.
  • Employee freely gives of time and effort above and beyond that which the job demands.
  • Employee’s efforts have created a favorable impression with the public.
  • Exceptional at relating to and working with clients.
  • Keeps a good attitude in any situation.
  • Motivates others.
  • Cost or time-saving procedure.
  • Increased productivity or enhanced work quality.
  • Contributed a tangible benefit to the department or the public beyond that produced in the course of regular assignments (examples: leadership in associations, conferences, committees, teams, training, etc.).
  • Shown use of initiative and creativity in the accomplishment of an assignment.
  • Serves as a role model for others.

How to nominate: Complete DESE Team Member of the Month Nomination Form and email the completed form to

Who can nominate: Any DESE team member can nominate another DESE team member.

Reward: Recipients of Team Member of the Month receive 8 hours of Administrative Leave, Certificate of recognition, and a commemorative plaque.

Service Awards

DESE team members are recognized quarterly for their years of service with the department, recognizing each 5-year increment of service (5, 10, 15, etc.).

How to nominate: There is no nomination process, recognition will be based on a team member’s years of service. Human Resources manages this list and provides the awards/certificates as needed.

Reward: Quarterly awards will include a certificate signed by the Commissioner of Education. Team Members with 20 or 25 years of service will also receive a half day (up to 4 hours) of administrative leave and Team Members with 30 or more years of service receive a full day (up to 8 hours) of administrative leave.

Shout Out

DESE team members have the opportunity to recognize other DESE team members through the weekly E-Newsletter.

How to nominate: Complete and submit a Shout Out Form, which can be found on DESE’s intranet.

Who can nominate: Any DESE team member can nominate another DESE team member.

Reward: Public recognition in the weekly E-Newsletter.

Mission Champion Award

This award recognizes DESE Adult Learning and Rehabilitation Services (ALRS) team members who have gone above and beyond to live ALRS’s missions and visions as they carry out their work. ALRS team members include:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Disability Determination
  • Veterans Education
  • Independent Living

How to nominate: ALRS team member can submit an email to the Assistant Commissioner any time they would like to nominate a team member for this award.

Who can nominate: Any ALRS team member can nominate another ALRS team member.

Reward: Team members who are selected for this award will receive 2 hours of administrative leave. In addition, they will also get a letter and handwritten note from the Assistant Commissioner acknowledging their hard work and dedication to Missouri citizens.

Nominations and Particpation at Local, Regional and National Academies

Team members who are meeting and/or exceeding performance goals and have goals to advance in their career are nominated to attend Regional and National Leadership academies as a representative of the agency.

How to nominate: Nominate an eligible ALRS team member by submitting an email to the Coordinator and/or Assistant Commissioner.

Who can nominate: Only supervisors or managers can nominate eligible ALRS team members.  

Reward: The team members selected are one of only a few, and it is an honor and a privilege to participate in the in-state and out-of-state sessions, to network, and to obtain high-level leadership training. Once completed, team members will also receive a certificate and will be recognized by their peers.

Emerging Leaders Program

Within ALRS, we have an Emerging Leaders program for team members aspiring for a leadership role in the agency. Those selected must exemplify the mission and vision, have strong work ethic, and perform work with a high level of proficiency. The program consists of four sessions with group activities, individual coaching on leadership goals, a leadership book review, and leadership project.

How to nominate: Human Resources will announce once the application period is open each summer. Only 20 team members within ALRS are selected for the program each year.

Who can nominate: Team members who are interested in this program submit an application to Human Resources during the application period. To be considered, you must include the completed application, a letter expressing how the program fits with your leadership goals, and a letter of recommendation from your immediate supervisor. Applications are reviewed by the Coordinator/Administrator for approval.  

Reward: Team members are recognized by the Assistant Commissioner and the team member’s line of supervision in a graduation ceremony. The team member receives a certificate. Completion of the program does not guarantee promotions; however, completion of the program is a highly sought-after leadership activity in promotional applications.